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cross-generational eye surgery

cross-posted from Little Four Eyes. Right around the time that we learned that Zoe would need strabismus surgery, my grandma learned that she had put off cataract surgery for as long as was possible, and, as the ophthalmologist put it, her choice was to schedule the surgery now, or by her next eye exam, it …

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things I learned from Zoe’s surgery

My little girl is a hard-core trooper.  If I had just gone through surgery, I would have been on the couch demading that Chris bring me grapes and bon-bons.  Zoe was up and running around and laughing and playing that afternoon.  And demanding grapes.  She is my daughter after all. People rock.  The internet facilitates …

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surgery restrictions

We just got the packet from Zoe’s ophthalmologist’s office with “Information you need to know about your surgery.” Which isn’t too helpful since Zoe isn’t doing much reading yet. I blame her farsightedness – it makes it difficult for her to focus on the fine print. That and the fact that she isn’t 2 yet, …

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