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Sweet dreams

Zoe called out for me in the middle of the night last night. I ran up the stairs, bathrobe hastily thrown on to see what was the matter. “I had a dream mommy” she tells me quietly, “a dream about flowers and lots of roses and we could smell them! Was that a good dream? …

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I’m not feeling up to writing much (and I’m pretty sure I’ve already lapsed on my post a week attempt), but I have some pictures I want to share from this month. First, Hazel’s baptism – my parents, Chris’s parents, and my brother and sister in law were able to make it, which was great.  …

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filed under: these problems are the good ones to have

Most of Hazel’s clothes are hand-me-downs or gifts.  We’re so fortunate to be the recipients of such generosity.  Going through her clothes is a kind of exploration – discovering all sorts of new gems (ok, and one or two pieces that end up pushed to the back of the drawer).  But no sooner do I …

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you’re not alone

When Hazel cries while Zoe’s around, Zoe will usually run to her and hold Hazel’s hand or give her a hug.  “You’re not alone,” she’ll tell her little sister, “big sister is here.” It pretty much melts my heart into a pile of goo. Recently, I’ve found myself repeating the “you’re not alone” part to …

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On New Year’s day, I mentioned at dinner that people sometimes like to talk about things that they think or hope will happen in the next year.  Since then, Zoe has been going around making lists of things that are to come in 2011.  I should probably put scare quotes around the word “lists” in …

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