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cure for writers’ block

(note, this was written yesterday morning, I didn’t have time to post it until today.  I only say that because of question 13 on where you were last night, and last night was Halloween, and I wasn’t on the Internet.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  Also, Chris is not currently at work.) Yay!  …

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of vanpools and theme songs

Ok, I take a vanpool to work each day – the van fits seven of us (kind of snugly) for the 40 minute drive each way.  I actually quite like it – not having to drive, especially in the mornings – plus having a group to talk with on the way home.  Days when I …

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mostly pictures

I feel like I haven’t posted enough pictures recently. I’m still loving the bread baking. Here’s a recent whole wheat loaf that I baked. Good enough to knock Zoe’s shirt off Thoughtful on the porch (maybe one of my favorite pictures) Zoe loves her new wagon In a clear indication that we’re related, Zoe immediately …

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