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So how is Hazel?

Ah the poor, neglected second child.  You know how they joke that a first child has lots of photos and the second, not so much?  It’s grounded in just a bit of truth here.  And I’m pretty clearly not too good at keeping this place updated as much as I used to either.  Heck, I …

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the birds and the bees and the doctors

We got the question at dinner tonight.  You know the one.  We were talking about women having babies and then Zoe asks the obvious next question, “how do you get a baby?”  I wanted to leave it at a woman gets pregnant, Chris tried to make a joke, but Zoe was having none of it, …

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21 months

Zoe didn’t see her first fireworks this month, but she has hit a bunch of other milestones: She says the word “no”, and she is not afraid to use it. At all. Got her first haircut. Well, trim, really. She had two big curls that were longer than the rest of the back of her …

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of pants and cheese

The great thing about coffee-colored pants is that when (for me, it’s not an if, it’s a when) you spill your coffee, it doesn’t show up at all.  I leave the question of the bad thing about white shirts as an exercise for the reader. Zoe has a new word, “cheese.”  She usually says it …

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