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Sweet, sick girl of mine, Who sleeps only in my lap, How, then, do I sleep?

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so how is Zoe, anyway?

Zoe’s doing well, she’s made the transition to the toddler room, and while she still has some hesitation in the mornings, it’s getting better and she’s always in a grand mood when we pick her up. She still doesn’t say much, but she understands a ton. I’ve been experimenting with telling her to do things …

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at what cost sleep? also, pirate-baby

Zoe hasn’t really been much of a sleep-through-the-night baby. Recently, she’s been sleeping good 6-8 hour stretches, but when bedtime is 7 pm, that still means waking up in the middle of the night. Luckily, it usually only takes a short nursing session, and then she’ll curl up in her crib with her blanket and …

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