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just because

So apparently, it’s International Internet Reveal Your Horrid Teenage Years Picture Day.  And apparently, anyone can declare any day to be International whatever-you-want day.  Will have to file that away for future use.  I’d been going through old pictures recently anyway – some combination of mom’s 60th birthday and getting in touch with old friends …

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Just looked at my dashboard and saw that I’m at 200 posts. Crazy. Seems like I should post something momentous for the 200th post, but nothing’s coming to mind – at least, nothing that seems fitting. So I’ll just regale you all with some pictures. it is definitely winter in Minnesota… which, of course, includes …

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mostly pictures

I feel like I haven’t posted enough pictures recently. I’m still loving the bread baking. Here’s a recent whole wheat loaf that I baked. Good enough to knock Zoe’s shirt off Thoughtful on the porch (maybe one of my favorite pictures) Zoe loves her new wagon In a clear indication that we’re related, Zoe immediately …

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