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2010 – a review mostly in pictures

2010 started out with us here A cozy house for our little family (the year always starts out cold in Minnesota) In the middle was a lot of this and a sad farewell to this but, we ended up with a better house in nearly every other way and oh yeah, there was this which …

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notes to self, re: mango lassi & moving

Note to self #1: If the blender is packed, and the spices are packed, and in fact, all ingredients that aren’t in the refrigerator or freezer (like sugar or honey) are packed, then you probably shouldn’t tell Zoe that we can make mango lassis while buying only whole mangoes and yogurt. Note to self #2: …

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where am I? Or, where I am

I’ve noticed that I’ve been extremely reluctant to talk (or write, for that matter) about how things are going recently.  Well, not even all that recently, for the past few months I’ve been avoiding conversations about what’s going on in my life and just giving brief one-word answers, usually of the “fine” variety whenever anyone …

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rambling update

We had our anatomy scan ultrasound on Friday. Despite my growing certainty that this baby is a boy, the ultrasound tech was very sure we’re having another girl – the picture was pretty convincing, too. This means that you should always bet against me when it comes to guessing an unborn baby’s sex (I’m pretty …

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