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3 months

Estwing rock hammer (17 years old), with 3 month baby for scale (~25″).

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8 years ago

It was cold that day.  I remember waiting at the back of the church, freezing cold in the silk dress my mom had made, watching out the door and seeing a few flakes of snow drift down.  In October!  I would have been annoyed or amused, but I was preoccupied.  The woman at the back …

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On weddings and marriage…

Wedding My brother got married last Saturday, to an amazing woman, in a wonderful wedding. His wife’s family is from India, so the ceremony was a combined Hindu/Lutheran one. I spent much of the time worried about how Zoe would deal – with the plane ride, with the food, with the messed up schedule, with …

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Book Tour – Time Traveler’s Wife (Chris’s responses)

As I mentioned, Chris read The Time Traveler’s Wife, too so he agreed to participate in the book tour this time around. Here’s his questions and answers. You can hop along to another stop on this blog tour by visiting the main list of participants . My post on the book is just below this …

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Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Jr and Eric Carle (Chris always tells Zoe who the author is of every book he reads her, it’s pretty cute). We like stories with happy endings.

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