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the continuing saga of my cat’s hopeless love for our mailman

It finally warmed up a bit today, and with the sun shining in, we decided to play on the front porch for the first time in months. I think the last time we played on the porch may have been Zoe’s first birthday. (I guess there’s nothing in this shot that makes it obvious we’re …

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Circle of Life on my front lawn

Our front yard has been quite the stage for viewing nature’s cycles this summer, what with the bunny birthing and raising that was going on.  Sadly, yesterday morning we witnessed the other end of the cycle when Zoe and I came across a large, unmoving pile of ginger fur in our flower garden.  It was …

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Sorry to take so long with posting some pictures. The new kitten, Tycho (he’s the grey one). He and Doza are getting along quite well now, but this was the first time we’d seen them curled up together. And here’s my new haircut, except that it’s weeks old now. The picture was taken the day …

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