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zombies in the library!

(Chris has been pushing me to combine my Ann the Librarian blog with this one.  I don’t publish much in the librarian blog, so I’m going to give it a shot.  All library-related posts will be under the new category “Ann the Librarian.”  Clever, eh?) Some days, I really love my job.  Today I decided …

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15 things

I was tagged by Melinda (thanks!) last week and am just now getting around to this.  I hope that everyone who celebrates it had a wonderful Independence Day, and that everyone else had a great weekend.  We took it easy – went to a bunch of cooks outs and took a lot of walks.  No …

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Whew, you have a college reunion weekend (Chris’s 10 year), a sinus infection, and a bunch of house guests, and all of a sudden it’s 2 weeks since your last post.  So much to catch up on — not that all that much has happened, though I kind of feel like I should have something …

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How did I get here

Last night I participated on a panel at Carleton (my alma mater, and my employer) about the career paths of science alumni. There were six of us, and each of us gave a very short talk on our career path and then answered questions. I was pretty excited to have been asked to be on …

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The good, the not so good, and the ugly

The good Zoe was in a great mood this morning. As we were getting her ready to go, she reached up and tousled both Chris’s and my hair. We hadn’t ever realized that we both do that as a sign of affection until Zoe picked up the habit. I smile every time I think about …

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Hazards of librarianship

Figures that the first time I injure Zoe would be while shelving (apparently with reckless abandon) books at the church library. I was reshelving the health and wellness section when I accidentally hit her just above the eyebrow with a book, not quite giving her a papercut, but leaving a red line, and probably killing …

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