The Tragic Optimist

So how is Hazel?

Ah the poor, neglected second child.  You know how they joke that a first child has lots of photos and the second, not so much?  It’s grounded in just a bit of truth here.  And I’m pretty clearly not too good at keeping this place updated as much as I used to either.  Heck, I haven’t even posted her 1 year rock hammer photo.  Let’s fix that:

Hazel at 1 year – rock hammer for scale (approx. 13″)

and since she’s now nearly 20 months, we have an 18 month photo, too:

Hazel at 18 months. Same rock hammer, 13″

I recently re-read a post I wrote about Zoe at 20 months.  I know you’re not supposed to compare your kids, but it’s fun to see where they’re the same and how they’re different.  So inspired by that post, here’s Hazel at nearly 20 months:

Things she likes:

  • stroller rides
  • anything with her sister
  • chocolate
  • reading books
  • playing the brown bear, brown bear game (she’ll sit for a long time matching the tiles to their places on the board)
Things she always tries to take with her (no matter where she’s going or how many other things she’s trying to carry):
  • sippy cups – as many as she can carry.
  • her sun hat.
  • her coat – we’ve mostly broken her of that habit.  No doubt in a few months, we’ll have a fight on our hands to get her to wear one again.
  • her baby doll.  Or her sister’s baby doll.  Either one.

Walking with her sister. Wearing her sun hat.  Carrying a sippy cup. It was a good day.

Things she doesn’t like (there are surprisingly few of these):

  • people taking away her sippy cups
  • being put into my car (mostly because she knows the stroller is kept in my car, and she gets her hopes up whenever we walk out to the car.  And then she’s disappointed when, instead of unloading the stroller, I instead snap her into her carseat.)
  • when someone leaves the room she’s in.

Words she says:
(Fun fact: Neither Zoe nor Hazel has been an early talker.  With Zoe, I didn’t have many friends with kids of the same age, so I didn’t do as much comparing.  But with Hazel, I have a lot of friends with kids the same age, and they all seem to be quite the talkers.  I would be worried, except that I can see how much Zoe talked at that age.  And given how much Zoe talks now, I’m not at all worried about Hazy.  Both girls were very early nose-blowers, though, so we do have that to brag about.)

  • mama, dada
  • hi, bye
  • cat
  • dog
  • sis
  • cracker
  • cookie (we do feed her real food, honest).
  • cheese
  • shoes
  • hat (of course)
  • out
  • milk
  • water
  • eye
  • head
  • baby
  • night-night
  • bath
  • My! (she does have an older sister to contend with, after all)
  • (and probably a few others that I’m not remembering)


  1. Michelle

    Zoe looks hilariously grown-up in that photo with that pose and those sunglasses. Hazel looks cute throughout!

  2. Grammy and Pop-Pop

    Definitely a second child, note, she loves anything with her sister.

  3. Jamie

    Not to continue with overshadowing the second child but oh my goodness! When did Zoe get do big?!?!

    Hazel is a cutie – it would be fun the second time around to see what’s different and how the girls are growing. I’ve always thought it was interesting to see how different siblings can be when they grow up in the same environment. Nature vs nurture is amazing!

    • It really is interesting to see what’s similar and what’s different. For instance, Zoe doesn’t like chocolate (which makes me question whether she’s really my daughter). Hazel, on the other hand, is like me, and would happily eat a whole bag of chocolate chips if given the chance.

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