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quick bit of Costco love

Last year, I bought prescription sunglasses for Zoe and I at Costco.

On Friday, I wore them out and about while running errands.

I couldn’t find them on Saturday.

On Sunday, I noticed a crumpled black object by my car’s back tire.  My heart fell before I event picked it up.  I knew immediately what I’d find.  My sunglasses had been in a hard case, and that case fell out of my car and got run over.  The case was pretty spectacularly mangled.  The glasses inside were surprisingly whole, but quite bent.  On a whim, I try them on.  They were so bent that it makes my head hurt from the lenses being different distances from my eyes (and neither of them being the right distance).

Yesterday, I took them to Costco.

“I’m pretty sure I know the answer to my question,” I say to the nice lady at the optical desk.  “I bought these from a different Costco nearly a year ago.  And, well, I ran over them,” I finish that last sentence in a rush as I hand her the bent sunglasses.

Surprisingly, she doesn’t wince, and takes the glasses and tells me she thinks she can fix them.  But she recommends that I do a bit of shopping.  She gives a conspiratorial smile and says it may take her a while.

After picking up a few items that were on my list, I swing back by the desk, where she’s polishing a different pair of glasses.  “Good news!” she says, and hands me my sunglasses.  I can’t say they’re as good as new, but when I put them on, they fit, and they shield my eyes from sun and let me see clearly.

Then she hands me a brand new hard shell case, and leans closer to whisper to me as I take the glasses and the case.

“Just a bit of advice…sunglasses and tires don’t mix.”

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  1. Excellent customer service. So rare these days!

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