The Tragic Optimist

of science and cats

This morning, Zoe comes to us and tells us she learned some new things about our cats, that they don’t like orange things and they don’t like balloons.  When we asked how she learned this, she said she’d taken her orange balloon and held it in front of the cat’s face, and the cat walked away – this is the cat that loves Zoe and puts up with all sorts of, hmm, affection from her, so the cat walking away was atypical behavior.  Chris suggested that she run the experiment again with something not orange and not a balloon, to see if it was just holding something in front of the cat’s face.  So she tried it with a stuffed lion.  Yep, cat walked away.  I suggested we test something orange that isn’t a balloon.  Zoe grabbed a pumpkin.  The cat ran downstairs.

We need to work with her on her experimental design.


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  1. Lut C.

    A budding scientist, but still a long way to go. 🙂

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