The Tragic Optimist

they don’t mention this in the breastfeeding books

It’s not disputed that nursing causes some changes in the mother.  My figure is bustier, I actually have cleavage to speak of, and I’m not used to that.  It has also really upped my chocolate cravings, which were already quite strong to begin with.  But now they’re crazy, leading me to grab and scarf down handfuls of chocolate chips and to try to satisfy them.  It’s the combination of the two that’s the kicker.  On more than one occasion, I’ve noticed melted chocolate on the inside of a bra, where a chip had fallen, unnoticed by me in to my more-ample-than-what-I’m-used-to décolletage.

…I’m…probably alone in this, aren’t I?


  1. You’re not a lone in this. I got hooked on those chocolate chip chewy granola bars, and this same thing has happened to me on multiple occasions. Yes, I’m a breastfeeding mama to a 9.5 month old. 😉

    (By the way, I found you through a mutual friend a long time ago. I’ve been sort of blog stalking you for a while. Hope that’s ok!)

  2. Chocolate + Bug boobs? Doesn’t doesn’t like a problem to me!

    • oops – Big Boobs.

      • Double oops – Doesn’t sound like a problem to me!

        You’ve have me so distracted talking about chocolate and boobs that I can’t type.

      • Hee hee!

  3. Now you’re just taunting me. There might be chocolate in here…

  4. I already had a healthy chocolate craving before, but my boobs catch everything now. Even chocolate. You are not alone.

  5. Sarah

    Ha! I think this has happened to me, actually. Nice to see you posting again!

  6. Lut C.

    Hmmm, chocolate. (Goes of to fetch chocolate ice cream).

    Thanks for stopping by on my blog. 🙂

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