The Tragic Optimist


I’m not feeling up to writing much (and I’m pretty sure I’ve already lapsed on my post a week attempt), but I have some pictures I want to share from this month.

First, Hazel’s baptism – my parents, Chris’s parents, and my brother and sister in law were able to make it, which was great.  My sister-in-law, Roopa, took the pictures.

Hazel's baptismal gown was made by my grandma. Her booties came from Target.

I think Chris is telling me that I forgot to bring our copy of the paper that tells us what happens next.

Dad baptized Hazel

Zoe watched

And it just so happened that the same weekend was the Lake Harriet Kite Festival, which I’ve written about before.  I convinced my dad, brother, and sister-in-law to go along.  Luckily for them, it was a bit warmer this year, getting all the way up to 12° F, with very little wind.  Unfortunately, the lack of wind meant our kite didn’t really fly.  Still fun.  (Pictures by Roopa, again).

that's my dad and brother and our kite

probably the closest our kite came to flying

other people had a little better luck

Zoe having fun on the ice

inside the warming tent, you could make a fish print by painting a fish

pressing a paper on top ...

and there's your fish print!

Otherwise, this January has been quiet.  We’ve done a bit of baking.

Zoe shaping pretzels

and other fun cooking

Zoe dipping strawberries in chocolate

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  1. The first pic of Hazel is such a sweet picture. I can’t believe how tall Zoe is!!

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