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Most of Hazel’s clothes are hand-me-downs or gifts.  We’re so fortunate to be the recipients of such generosity.  Going through her clothes is a kind of exploration – discovering all sorts of new gems (ok, and one or two pieces that end up pushed to the back of the drawer).  But no sooner do I find a piece that I fall in love with, than she outgrows it, and it is relegated to the box, to be passed along to some one else someday.

Ah, lovely brown onesie with the sweet little flowers, just the right shade for Hazel’s coloring.  I hardly knew ye, and have no picture of you, either.

(the title of this post comes from Atmosphere’s song Freefallin‘, which has nothing to do with kids outgrowing clothes, but despite that, or most likely because of that, is a fantastic song).


  1. Alison S.

    We have more clothes for you as soon as you want them! I think they go up to 9-12 month sizes, since Dani is in 18 month stuff now.

    If you don’t know somebody to hand them on to after Hazel, I have 3 local pregnant friends (although 2 are having boys and one is a surprise), otherwise caucus is ripe with babies-to-be. 🙂

  2. Alison S.

    PS: There’s one dress, it’s pink, sleeveless, and from Hannah Anderson, I know Hazel wore it once. After I had already given it to you my sister made a comment about wanting it for her future kids (she’s the one who gave it to me) so I was wondering if I could get that one back.

  3. Skeeter is 16 months old now and his growth is finally slowing enough that I get to enjoy some of the outfits I have for him. I had those same thoughts on some absolutely adorable outfits – I hardly knew ye . . .

  4. AJ

    Yeah, we don’t have the problem. Jonah was 3 in October. He wears 18-24 month old pants (some of which are too big) and mostly 18-24 month shirts or 2T shirts (which are to big). He’s only had like 2 sizes of shoes in his entire life. Life with a little one is always interesting. I actually went out and bought new clothes in the same size because he had worn them so much they were getting worn out. who actually wears out kids clothes?

  5. Ann, you, being a PK, were the first clergy baby in the Brandon Church for several years. They even rang out the church bells to announce your birth. You were given a dozen or more sweet, teeny, lacy, Sunday meeting only, dressy, baby dresses. I ran out of Sundays before I realized how quickly you could grow, and you were fairly slow, going from 7#6oz to 14.5# at 6 months, 18.75# at one year, 22# at 2 years, and 25# at 3 years. Love MOM

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