The Tragic Optimist


On New Year’s day, I mentioned at dinner that people sometimes like to talk about things that they think or hope will happen in the next year.  Since then, Zoe has been going around making lists of things that are to come in 2011.  I should probably put scare quotes around the word “lists” in that previous sentence.  She carries around a notepad and pen, and asks us (and the cats) about what will happen, and then scribbles a note on the paper.  She doesn’t write yet, but she’s already well into list-making.

So far, things that are to come this year, as recorded by Zoe:

  • she will learn to read and write (I’m not sure where this comes from, we haven’t been putting any pressure on learning to do either yet, but it was the first thing she said).
  • she will turn 5
  • Hazel will turn 1
  • Doza the cat will play with her brother, Tycho
  • Tycho the cat will play with his sister, Doza
  • It will be summer time and warm and she will play in the water park (I’m kind of wishing this could happen now, I normally love winter, but this one has just been rough).

My own list is a bit less fun

  • Fit into my regular clothes
  • Try to do more menu planning
  • Write more often

In terms of that last one there.  I had been emailing with a friend who I know only from my Little Four Eyes blog.  I mentioned how difficult I find it to write, and he mentioned that perhaps I’m too much of a perfectionist, which is probably at least half of the problem.  Think is, I compose brilliant posts in my head all the time (you’ll just have to believe me on this), but when it comes to putting it down, it’s never half as good.  But I know that I do better when I write more, so I’m taking the WordPress Post Once a Week challenge.  That’s only 52 posts in a year.  Totally doable, I hope (it reminds me of when I was at the dentists a few years ago, and the hygienist asked me how often I flossed.  “Oh, about once a week,” I lied – it was much less often.  “You think 50 times a year is sufficient for your gums?” she asks.  I was shamed.  I do much better flossing now.  Ok, that’s a weird digression there.  I’m still leaving it in.)

Somehow, I think the cats are getting off the easiest in this next year.


  1. I know just what you mean. I can write a brilliant post in my head, but when I try to type it out, it is less than perfect so I quit. I’m not brilliant in real life, I’m not sure why I expect to be on my blog.

    That is so funny about Zoe! Even at 15 months, Skeeter does some of the craziest things and it takes me a minute to realize he gets it from ME. Scary!

  2. Anya

    You’re way ahead of me. People keep asking me what my New Year’s Resolutions are and I haven’t even managed that, let alone other lists. I like the idea of a post a week. Maybe I’ll try to do that too…

    And I love that the fabulous Miss Z wants to read and write this year!

  3. Oh I totally compose the most brilliant posts in the middle of the night or while nursing the wee one, etc. But the moment I actually make it to the computer….poof! Gone. Hence my highly neglected blog. I’m hoping things will change for the better in 2011!

  4. I too have problems writing my blog posts. I’m always witty and brilliant in my mind but I can never put it into writing…or when I speak for that matter! I thought you did a great job on this post though so you are better than you think! 🙂

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