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Hazel at 2 months, or, siblings are different

Yesterday was Hazel’s 2 month birthday, so without further ado, here’s the rock hammer for scale pictures (I’m including 2 because I couldn’t choose just one to post).

Hazel showing just a glimpse of her gorgeous smile. Rock hammer for scale is 13"

Her legs are cut off at the bottom of that picture, so you can’t quite see just how long she is. So here:

the full length of Hazel. The beautiful blanket is by Aunt Liz. The rock hammer for scale remains at 13".


Hazel is big.  We had her 2 month appointment today, and the official stats put her at 99.89th percentile for weight (15 pounds even), and 98.49th percentile for length (24.5″). As comparison, Zoe was at the 45th and 35th percentiles for weight and length at that age.  It’s strange having a big baby this time.  With Zoe, I felt like I was always apologizing for her being so small (even though she’s right around average, it seems like everyone around here has big kids, must be the Scandinavian genes).

While there are a lot of things that are easier the second time around – for instance, I’m a lot less scared of permanently damaging Hazel – it’s been really hard to adjust to the differences between the two girls.  Zoe trained me well to her needs, but it turns out Hazel is different.  Which seems obvious until it’s 2 am and you’re on autopilot pulling on your experiences from the last 4 years only to find that this baby doesn’t like to be swaddled and doesn’t actually nurse to sleep.  I’m learning, I expect I’ll keep learning.  Hazel isn’t exactly a patient teacher, but at least she’s a very cute and sweet one.


  1. A big healthy girl ready for this cold winter.

    Perfect round head with lots of dark hair. She’s beautiful!

    Since I wasn’t around these parts 4 years ago, I’d love to see picture of Zoe at this age.

    • Just posted comparison photos of Zoe and Hazel.

  2. carly

    oh, right there with you on all accounts. O was about as big as Hazel and it continued from there. He was 28 lbs at his 18 month appointment. He also is so very different than his older brother, it’s baffling!

  3. Don Zolidis

    So true.

    I had two big babies, and I think there’s a tendency for neurotic bragging about the size of your child. As if that somehow makes the better or superior to other babies who aren’t quite as big. (Oh, your baby is only in the 70th percentile? So sad for you. She will die alone.) People don’t even buy the right sizes for their toddlers because they want to feel like they’re somehow ahead of the curve! (Oh, Johnny’s only 20 months, but he’s already wearing 4T! He’s guaranteed a six-figure income.)

    I find that parents start competing over their children at birth, and it just keeps on going. I wish we could all just allow our kids to be who they are and not compare them in order to make ourselves feel better.

    (Not saying you’re doing this of course – just commenting on the feelings you had about having an average-sized baby.)

    • Hah! Don, that’s exactly it. Zoe, horror of horrors, wore, and still wears, the sizes that match her age. Which is actually pretty useful for buying clothes. I think it’s partly that size is one of those things people comment on. And when you have a big baby, they say things like, “wow, what a big girl! She’s definitely growing and eating well!” And when you have a little baby, they say, “wow, what a little baby.” And I’d say, “thank you?” But the competition thing is definitely there. I try not to get into the competitions, except to say that my babies are cuter.

      And now that I know that Hazel is guaranteed a 6 figure income and to not die alone, based purely on her percentages, I’ll rest easier at night. Until she wakes me up.

  4. Siobhan

    Sebastian is huge too (32 in, almost 27 lbs at 11 months). People often ask me how old he is, and after I reply, say things like ‘oh that’s good – I thought he was older because he is so big, but ‘delayed’ because he can’t talk, walk, etc.’. I find myself pre-explaining that he is young and huge…

  5. Sarah

    I’m really curious to see how my second baby is different from my first, too. Size-wise and many other ways, too, of course. Charlotte was a big newborn and an extremely petite one-year-old, so I’ve been on both ends of the comments about her size. Because of this, I never say anything about the size of anyone’s child, and I never try to guess how old they are. I’m probably more sensitive than most people about this issue, but it doesn’t hurt to think twice before saying something, especially when someone’s baby is smaller than average.

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