The Tragic Optimist

ask and you shall receive (comparison photos)

Searching for Serenity asked for comparison shots of Hazel and Zoe.  And since Hazel is still napping, I’m going to do that now while I have the chance:

Zoe at 2 months. 22" long, 10 lb 10 oz.

Hazel, 2 months. 24.5" long, 15 lb

Wow, this is one of the first times I’ve looked at their pictures next to each other.  They may be different in many respects, but you sure can tell they’re sisters.


  1. Dad

    This is great! They really do have similar looks. Could they really be twins, I mean they almost matched birthdays four years apart. Can’t wait to get out there for the baptism! Love ’em both!

  2. AN

    Well…my guess is Lilly will be on par with Zoe not Hazel at her 2 month 🙂 Amazing difference between the two girls on size, but the opposite on facial expressions!

  3. Yaay! Wow, they really look a lot a like.

    Cheeks. It’s all in the cheeks!

    Thank you!

  4. Alison S.

    Oh my gosh, they do look so much alike! Very cute. 🙂

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