The Tragic Optimist

bring it

Zoe and a friend K, at the K’s birthday party, as they contemplate K’s action figure that came from a happy meal…

Zoe: Oh, you have this guy?  We have him, too!

K: Did you get it from the eating store?

Zoe: It’s called “old MacDonald’s.”

K: You mean it’s the same place as the little farm?!?

I’m pretty much in love with this age when Zoe and her friends can sustain long and in-depth (and often hilarious) conversations, and she keeps up her end of a conversation with us, and in fact adds a lot to our discussions.

Hazel, for her part has been adding on her lovely baby chub, perfecting her cute baby noises, and working on an assortment of facial expressions – she can really put on the most exquisitely sad face I’ve ever seen.

Chris calls this the “rewarding” phase.  Sure there are some good snuggles, and I love the girl, but I’m not sure anyone would call the first few weeks “fun.”  I sure wouldn’t.  I love the interactions and conversations and discussions.  I cannot wait for that first smile of recognition, that’s when it starts getting fun for me.

I know that some people will say to cherish these first few weeks, that all too soon, the baby will be gone and all I’ll hear is “mommy, mommy,” and “I want this, I want that,” and “why, why, why?”  To which I say, “bring. it. on.”



  1. Alison S.

    That was a great exchange. 😀 We should get those two together for playdates more, they crack me up.

  2. I was the same way – I wanted the changes, the smiles, the gurgling & cooing. The only good thing about those first few weeks was oohing and ahhing how tiny and perfect Skeeter was. Other than that he was mostly just a tyrannical dictator that couldn’t say, “Thank you.”

  3. calmafterthestorm

    Congrats on the new little one, and thank you for stopping by my blog. The newborn baby phase was never my favorite either, what I remember of it anyway. BTW- I’m currently in graduate school working on my Masters degree in Library Science and Information Technology, I’ve done patching and glasses with one of my older children, and we are about to get the baby’s first pair of glasses (no patching needed, though). Looks like we have a lot in common 🙂

  4. I refuse to correct M when she calls it Old MacDonalds. Just refuse, it is too cute and I’d rather have her not know how evil that place we sometimes get her food from is. 😉
    The only thing I miss was the constant snuggling. I hate that she can say no to snuggles now.

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