The Tragic Optimist


Zoe’s 4th birthday was yesterday. I won’t say that I can’t believe she’s 4, because I can, and she’s been talking about being “almost 4” for a long time now.  She told anyone willing to listen yesterday that she was 4!  And 4 is big.

party girl (photo by grandpa Bob)

~ ~ ~

Zoe didn’t get a baby sister for her birthday, though.  The baby sister is still gestating.   I guess it’s good that we don’t have two girls who have to share a birthday, though I’d kind of thought that was cool.  Zoe had said a few times she thought she and her sister would have the same birthday, though more recently, she’d kept saying that her birthday should be first, so I guess we can still be good parents since we got her the earlier birthday.

Today is my actual (estimated) due date.  Given that Zoe was nearly 4 weeks early, it’s strange to be here.    I never really thought about the possibility of going past my due date, though that’s obviously not a strange thing to happen.  I’ll admit to getting a bit antsy, though.  I’m on leave from work now, too, and while having some time off to myself is nice, I would rather spend that time with all of us getting to know the new little girl.   I would also accept a little bit of nesting instinct, there’s stuff around the house that could use some doing, but I’m lacking in the motivation department.

I’ve felt really quiet about this pregnancy, both on this blog and in real life.  Part I’m sure is the other distractions – moving and the new house, keeping up with Zoe, the beginning of fall term at work…  But part of it was just feeling like keeping this one a little closer.  There’s been (thankfully) no drama involved in this pregnancy, and its been nice to kind of keep things to myself.

There will be more updates as things progress, and I hope to get back to a bit more regular posting – at the very least, there should be more rock hammer for scale posts…


  1. Patsy Zawistoski (MOMZ AND Grammy)

    A calm pregnancy is always preferred, just like a boring airplane flight. I am so glad it was calm and you feel well.

  2. naschaka

    I just had a conversation with my OB today – she commented on how nice it is to see a chart that is only one page – part and parcel with an uneventful pregnancy. I’m glad you have had a nice small-chart pregnancy 🙂 Here’s hoping the waiting ends soon!

  3. Jamie

    Zoe looks so big! I guess it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a pic of her.

    Yes, quiet is good . . .

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