The Tragic Optimist

notes to self, re: mango lassi & moving

Note to self #1: If the blender is packed, and the spices are packed, and in fact, all ingredients that aren’t in the refrigerator or freezer (like sugar or honey) are packed, then you probably shouldn’t tell Zoe that we can make mango lassis while buying only whole mangoes and yogurt.

Note to self #2: Cutting up a ripe mango into really small pieces and smooshing it with a fork in a bowl, almost makes a smooth mango pulp.  Almost.

Note to self, the third: Mixing said pulp with yogurt, milk, and maple syrup is really quite yummy.  Maybe not traditional, but really, really good.

4th note to self: Zoe doesn’t like yogurt mixed with fruit that is at all chunky.

Final note: If you want to be sure there’s plenty of mango lassi left over next time, leave the mango puree slightly chunky so Zoe won’t want much of it.



  1. (followed over from BBC)

    How odd that the first post I get in my feed is about lassi.
    I just had one last night and it was DIVINE.
    Would you please post the recipe you used?

  2. Seriously, mango lassis are the absolute best.

    I don’t ever do a real recipe, but here’s goes…
    Cut up 1 mango into cubes.
    Add it and, 2-3 ice cubes, a cup or so (?) of yogurt and a good splash of milk to the blender.
    Taste it. Add honey if it needs sweetening, milk if it needs thinning, yogurt if it’s too thin, or more mango if it’s not mango-y enough. Repeat.
    Sprinkle in some cardamom and mix it up.


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