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rambling update

We had our anatomy scan ultrasound on Friday. Despite my growing certainty that this baby is a boy, the ultrasound tech was very sure we’re having another girl – the picture was pretty convincing, too. This means that you should always bet against me when it comes to guessing an unborn baby’s sex (I’m pretty good at figuring out a baby’s sex after they’ve been born, assuming I’m able to get a peek). It also means that Zoe was once again right about this pregnancy. Thankfully, she’s too young to know to be smug. Because I’d totally be pulling a “told you so” if it were me.

More importantly, of course, is that the baby looks health, and is even head down this time.  I’d been feeling what I thought were kicks really low in my abdomen, but now that I know how the baby is positioned, I guess I’m feeling her head banging on my bladder.  That’s somehow a less charming image.

I’ve also gained 20 pounds so far, which is less good news.  The doctor I saw wasn’t concerned, and I gained a lot with Zoe – 55 pounds for a 5 pound baby born 4 weeks early, yeah.  I did manage to lose it again, but I’d rather not gain quite so much.  I really hate the idea of watching my weight too much while pregnant, I think it can do more harm than good to obsess about it, but I’m going to try to cut out some of the extra snacks, and try to get more protein in, since that seems to keep me from getting too hungry.

The move is getting stressful.  We’re supposed to close on the 11th, and were supposed to provide our sellers with proof that we had a mortgage yesterday.  We don’t have a mortgage.  Not because there’s any concern about our finances, but because the mortgage company used our application for a training exercise, which meant it had to be re-checked after the trainee approved it, and then they somehow didn’t know we’d sold our house, but they know that now, and as far as I can tell, there’s nothing more they really need from us, we just have to wait.  And we may or may not have a mortgage by our close date.  We’re hoping we can get a move in arrangement from the sellers to let us rent from them if need be for the (hopefully) short time until everything is in order, but I’d be far happier to just have a normal closing with lots of papers to sign and a house at the end.

That’s about it from my end.  One of these days, things will be quieter and we’ll be moved, and I’ll have time to write about more interesting things.



  1. Yeah, I never doubted Zoe. My Z also knew that ours was a “girl baby.” Since my SIL and brother had twins a few weeks ago, though, she now thinks there are two babies in me.

    I’m glad everything looked good at the scan, and good luck with the move.

  2. YAY! A girl! a HEALTHY baby girl! Soo happy that things are moving along for you guys! The move – sure it’s not a ton of fun right now – but think of how awesome things will be next year at this time!

  3. How exciting! A healthy scan and a baby sister for the big girl! I’m still happy that we don’t know the baby’s gender (10 days til due date – not that anyone is counting) but confess that trying to explain to a not quite 2 year old that she’ll have a baby brother OR sister is kind of tricky. Much easier to say, “When baby sister is in the house with us….”

    Good luck with the house stuff. So stressful on top of everything else! Hope it goes smoothly!

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