The Tragic Optimist

belated updates

I know I’ve been horrible at keeping this updated, I’m hoping to get back to something like a regular posting routine again.  Until then, here’s some updates:

  • Yay! (That's the actual sign in front of our house - and yes, we'd recommend our realtor)

    We sold our house!  Well, I guess technically we have a contract for our house.  But!  Buyers!  Who want our house!  Yay!

  • We have a new house!  Although again, it’s not final.  But we found a house that we’re very excited about, and so far, all has gone smoothly.   If you want to see pictures, I have some here (click on the picture of the house to get to the album):
    New House
  • We’ll close on both houses on June 11th.  We’ll have 24 hours to vacate our house, but take possession of the new house immediately.  That’s certain to be a relaxing and quiet day.
  • I had a major, hormonal breakdown the other night, sobbing over my impending loss of my gorgeous kitchen.    I like to think that I’m not one to be so concerned with possessions, but the thought of my granite counter tops, my lovely lights, my tile backsplash.  It was too much for my hormones that night.  I’m better now, but I’ll always miss my kitchen. Before we move, I’ll write a post dedicated to my favorite room of this house.
  • The pregnancy appears to be going well.  I’m into the second trimester, in that annoying stage where I have very few symptoms, but don’t feel movement often enough to not occasionally freak out.  We’ll have the big find-out-the-sex ultrasound at the end of this month.
  • I’ve had a couple of people ask me if the pregnancy was “planned or a surprise.”  I feel a little strange answering “both,” but it’s the truth.  I can’t claim it wasn’t planned, since we’d been trying for nearly a year.  But really, after 6 or 8 months, I started feeling like we were just going through the motions until we reached the point where we could go back for treatment.  So yeah, it was a surprise.  A very welcome and wonderful and hoped for surprise, but surprise nonetheless.
  • Zoe continues to be awesome and amazing.  She was a real trooper during the whole house selling ordeal.  Putting up with having very few toys available, and a very disrupted schedule.  She’s very concerned about what will move to the new house.  Today I reassured her that her shoes and her books would be moved.


  1. I owe you about a million belated congratulations. So many people I know are fleeing the old neighborhood, it’s just not the same there any more.

    • Thanks Eric! I’m sad to be fleeing the neighborhood. I keep having to remind myself that really, we’re not moving too far away.

  2. So glad the move is falling into place! And also, I think you may have bought our house. No, really, look. Crazy, no?

    Hooray on second trimester. I hope you continue to feel fabulous and the wee one gets moving so you can be reassured.

  3. How wonderful that everything is coming together! Congratulations on the house, it looks like a lovely place to welcome your next blessing.

  4. When we were building our house, I really wanted a pretty front door with a nice window on it. When we pulled up to check on progress, imagine my surprise when I was met with a really ugly white metal door. I had a MELTDOWN of EPIC proportions. Tears and everything. And I wasn’t even pregnant.

    Something about saying good-bye to an old house and moving into a new one just does that to you. If you’re a girl, anyway.

    Good luck these next few weeks!

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