The Tragic Optimist


Thank you, thank you all for such wonderful comments on my last post. You don’t know how much that means to me.  I feel like a very bad blogger to post that and leave for over 3 weeks.  I wish I had a fabulous excuse like a spontaneous trip to Hawaii or something, but the truth is far less interesting.

This next paragraph is a lot of whining, so if you want to skip it, the short version is this: selling a house is hard.  For the last three weeks (the same time that I’ve spent not blogging), the house has been on the market.  I hadn’t been looking forward to this whole selling a house thing, and it certainly has not been any better than I feared.  Chris and I are not overly neat people to begin with, and the keeping the house spotless every time we leave the house is hard.  Just yesterday, we managed to forget to put away our dirty laundry during two showings.  Oops.   It’s stressful finding places to go when there’s a showing, but worse when there’s no showings, since it’s not like we’ll sell the house if no one looks at it.  We have gotten a lot of showings, so hopefully something will happen, but while the house is on the market, my laptop stays put away in a drawer upstairs instead of in front of the tv where I can get to it easily.  Enough of that, though.

The pregnancy has been fine, I feel generally sick most of the time, and really sick in the evenings, but nothing that I wouldn’t expect.  I’ve had one appointment at the actual OB office with an extremely lovely and chatty NP.  She was thrilled to hear our story of how we had a relatively easier time conceiving this time around.  “So this time you conceived spontaneously?” she asked excitedly.  “Well, spontaneous isn’t the word I’d use for being given a prescription note from the doctor about when to take OPKs and when to have sex,” but the sentiment was nice.

Zoe’s continued to take everything in a stride.  Considering we’ve packed up many of her toys, and her schedule is all thrown off by showings and my being sick in the evenings, she’s pretty much a super star.  She’s very interested in the pregnancy, and calls it her sister no matter what.  We keep reminding her that it could be a boy, and she seems ok with that, but goes right back to calling it her sister.



  1. Selling a house is not fun. I’ve only done it once and I vowed to never do it again. I can’t imagine how chaotic it must be when a child and busy schedule is involved. I hope luck turns your way in this market and you get it sold quickly. What triggered the move now?

    Here’s also to hoping the sickness passes quickly.

  2. Anya

    Sorry you’re so sick in the evenings Ann…at least it’s for a good reason! Hang in there on the house selling – you guys will get there. That kitchen alone would make me buy the house!

  3. Oh, man. I hate moving, and I’ve only ever done it from rental to rental to bought house, so I can only imagine how bad selling is.

    I’m glad to hear you’re sick enough to be reassured.

  4. geeksinrome

    I hope the move goes smoothly. It must be so hard to deal with that and be pregnant and make it all seem stressfree for Zoe! What a big change!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon. 🙂

  5. coffeegrl

    Yuck. Hate the being sick part. And the selling the house part. I mean, selling would be nice, but having to keep it spotless and find somewhere to go every time there’s a showing – rough. Hope it sells soon!

  6. Amanda

    Ahhh, hope the house sells soon for you.

  7. Glad your pregnancy is going well…sickness seems inevitable. Sorry your house-selling-process is slow and hard! You’ll get through!

  8. ok so I’ve been terrible at keeping up but tonight am revisiting old places and WOW! CONGRATULATIONS!! I am sooo thrilled for you!!
    well, not the having to sell a house part…that part isn’t too fun – but baby news! YES!

  9. My first always called my bump her sister, too, even though we didn’t know. She was right.

    I’ve never sold a house- just bought one. And that was hard enough. Good luck with it all!

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