The Tragic Optimist

Moon over Minneapolis

“Look mommy, the moon!  The moon is there by the door!”

“Oh, really?”  I didn’t actually think she was looking at the moon, she tends to call many white circles moons, and I’d seen the moon the night before, and it was waning, so no longer a circle.

“The moon, right there!”

I look, and she’s right, it’s right out the window on the back door.  Quite bright this morning.  When I was in high school and college, and still thought I’d be a geologist, I studied rocks that were deposited by tides – tides that were controlled by the lunar cycles.  I learned so much about all the different cycles of the moon: the synodic, the tropical, the perigee and apogee.  The sketches of those cycles as circles around circles are etched in my memory.  I love the moon, love how it looks, how it changes, how it moves, and I admit, I’m proud that Zoe recognized it, and was so excited to see it.

“Look daddy, the moon!  The moon is in Minneapolis!”


  1. I love it when the moon sits low on the horizon and looks so big.

    Very cool to see Zoe so interested in it!

  2. Kids love the moon, don’t they? My girls love to look for it, and they love to see it during the daytime, especially. It’s like a little gift from the sky to them.

  3. geeksinrome

    When my hubby showed me the moon through a basic 10x telescope just several years ago it blew me away!!!!

    I’ve never looked at it the same way again — it’s not just a flat shiny disc anymore!

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