The Tragic Optimist

lights in the dark

Do other cities still have winter lights up?  I don’t want to call the Christmas lights, the Christmas decorations, the nativities, the Santas, the candy canes, and the reindeer, they’re all put away.  But there’s still the little twinkling lights in much of the neighborhood.  A tree covered in little blue stars in this yard, a front porch outlined in white lights over there, a sparkling purple shrub across the street.  Zoe calls them “sparklies” and likes to point them out on our drive home.

I know as an environmentalist I should complain about the waste of energy, but I love the lights.  In fact, I don’t think they’re a waste at all.  The dark still comes so early in January and February, and I need a little bit of brightness to light the way home.


  1. I left up my blue lights on the front stairs. They’re solar LED lights, so relatively low guilt. I agree, they are a nice way to deal with the horrid darkness.

    • Oooh, solar LED. Awesome! Someday we’ll put up our own lights, I’ll have to check those out.

  2. DadZ

    We still have our LED lights up as well. They light the walkway and porch. And they provide a welcome home. Low energy consumption to boot…

  3. I love, love, love Christmas lights. We don’t put up a lot of Christmas-type decorations but Hubby goes crazy with the lights. I am always a little sad when he takes them down. (Usually around Jan 1)

  4. I know about the energy being spent, but I am also much in love with sparkly winter lights. They make me happy.

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