The Tragic Optimist


First thing, thank you everyone for being so open in sharing your stories and thoughts on my last post.  It was extremely helpful for my friend.  I am so sorry that your wisdom and thoughts meant that you had been through such a loss or losses.

I’ve been terribly remiss in writing, and October was chock full of events and things.  Every time I try to write something, I feel like I have so much just hanging out there.  If I write about one thing, I should really write about them all.  So I’m just going to give a quick run down of the month.  Some of these items deserve their own full post, but I’m never going to write anything else if I don’t just get these down and out there.

  • Chris and I celebrated our 9th anniversary on the 7th.  It’s been a great 9 years, made far better by the fact that I’ve spent them with him.
  • Zoe turned 3 on the 12th.  Anything I could say about her being 3 will just sound cliched.  But I will say that I’m loving her more and more as she gets older.  She has her moments of strong-willed craziness, but she’s also funny, and fun, and all of a sudden able to do all sorts of things on her own.  We celebrated her birthday on the Saturday before.  And it snowed that day.  Which means the whole party – with a lot of kids – was indoors.  But it went surprisingly well.


    snow Oct 9, 2009

    Snow on the morning of Zoe's birthday party (Oct. 9)

  • On Zoe’s actual birthday, I was out of town on at a meeting for science librarians at small undergraduate libraries.  Yeah, it’s a small group of us, but it was great to be able to spend time talking with people who really have the same job I do.  And how cool is it to go to a professional meeting where the first evening’s events include looking at Jupiter through a 100 year old telescope, and spend the next day’s lunch wandering through a really cool set of greenhouses.
  • I must have been sick for much of September and early October, though it was mostly just a cough and fatigue.  It was only mid-October that I realized I was feeling better and had energy to think about the world beyond what absolutely had to be done in the near future.
  • Chris and I went to the fertility clinic for our first appointment.  The short (ha ha, not really all that short) of it is that the doctor recommended we not start treatment too soon since I seem to be having reasonably consistent cycles, but he ordered some tests.  I had a moment of panic that we shouldn’t have gone to the doctor at all, but he reassured us that they recommend seeing couples who’ve had trouble in the past if they’re trying for 6 months with no success.  We were told to try ovulation predictor kits (I’d forgotten those could work, I only used them last time when I was in the middle of the lengthy no ovulation period), and were given a paper where the nurse helpfully wrote down which days we were to have sex.  Nothing like a prescription for lovin’.  From an older nurse.  Chris and I responded the only way we could, by making bawdy jokes about needing to “get my prescription refilled.”  The ovulation predictor kits worked by the way – well, kind of – they showed that I ovulated, but I didn’t fall pregnant, so it’s on to more testing next month.
  • IMG_1561


    We went to Disney World.  I know!  Disney!  World!  Us!  We went with good friends who have a daughter Zoe’s age, and a 5 year old son.  I highly recommend going with friends, it gave us a lot of options for splitting up so different people could do different things, and since they’d been before with their kids, we absolutely took advantage of them and their knowledge.  We celebrated Halloween with Mickey and his friends, and had a wonderful time.  Oh, and it was hot.  Kind of awesome to get to enjoy hot humid weather for a bit in October.  It will be a long time until we have that weather again in MN.  I’m afraid that if I tried to write about it, it would just sound like a dry recitation of what we did, so instead I’ll just post some pictures and a link to even more.


    mmmm....frozen treats


    dressed up for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

Photo album of our Disney vacation


  1. geeksinrome

    these pictures are great. My kids had a fun time seeing Disney from afar.

    fingers crossed for successful baby-making!!!!

  2. – That library conference/meeting sounds like so much fun. I went to a small liberal arts undergrad. institution and can just imagine what it might have been like. *le sigh*
    – The meeting at the fertility clinic sounds like it was positive – glad the OPK “worked” but hope it works even better soon. I’d love to hear that you got a positive EPT – even nicer.
    – Thanks for the tip on Disney with friends. I hadn’t thought about the expanded possibilities. We just had dinner out with friends tonight and were commenting that it always seems easier with kids similar in age since they somehow entertain each other. It suddenly makes sense to think about applying this same theory to a major excursion like Disney. Sounds and looks like a great trip!!!

  3. Wow – what an October! I bet the weather in Florida was almost shocking compared to MN. Definitely a nice get away. I have never been to Disney World but it is high on my list of things to do.

    Consistent cycles are good news! Maybe OPKs and prescription sex will do the trick . . .

  4. MomZ

    Zoe and Audrey with the head phones on the plane is just tooooooo millennium!

  5. motherhoodandpotatoes

    Happy Birthday to Zoe! Great costumes at Disney’s Halloween event!

  6. Hurray for Disney! We are going for the first time as a family the first week of Feb ~ I can’t wait! Any pointers for me with the toddler crowd?

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