The Tragic Optimist


  1. Glad your home and direct neighborhood didn’t sustain any damage – it appeared to have come out of nowhere – well, the rain didn’t!
    We’ve had one crazy summer haven’t we?

  2. This weather was insane. Wasn’t fun sitting in the ‘storm shelter’ at work today and not knowing what was going on. Glad you and your family are all good!

  3. How scary! Tornados are pretty uncommon in MN, right? I have had times when tornados are going through my own neighborhood or near family while I’m at work. It is such a horrible, helpless feeling.

    • Tornadoes aren’t unheard of in MN, we get a few every year, but we’re certainly not in tornado alley. I used to be very cavalier about tornadoes, I always wanted to see one in person (from a safe distance). I still sometimes think it would be cool to be a storm chaser, but mostly now I worry about our house and neighbors.

  4. Wow. How fortunate that there wasn’t any major damage in your neighborhood!

  5. holy crap scary! glad your house was ok!

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