The Tragic Optimist

early Saturday morning

Zoe woke up early this morning – like every morning.  I’d promised last night that we’d make muffins, so we did (corn muffins, from America’s Test Kitchen’s New Best Recipe.  We use yogurt instead of sour cream).

It rained pretty hard this morning, but had stopped just as the muffins finished up.  Zoe mentioned that we’d need boots to go outside, and so that’s what we did.  It was great to be outside when it wasn’t quite as hot as it’s been recently.

For all the bunny-enthusiasts, I have exclusive video of Zoe and bunny (it’s hard to hear her, but she says “hi bunny, how are you” and “it’s a bunny!”…

And then a bit of splashing…

A good morning, but I am still not going to be a morning person.



  1. djapoor

    Okay – I think I am slowly figuring the blogging thing out. Whew! The video was very cute – and I think I want a pair of yellow golashes as well.

  2. Corn muffins – sounds yummy! Were they good?

    I love the boots. Sophie will be so sad when she realizes that we left her boots behind in Japan…But hey – here she gets a cat that lives inside the house with her. I’m sure she’ll eventually come to see that as a fair trade.

    And the conversation with the bunny is so cute. I love it when kids talk to animals like they understand. Priceless.

    • The muffins are awesome! They’re probably my favorite. And since they have corn and yogurt, they must be healthy, right?

  3. Love the splashing! Too cute. 🙂

  4. I love America’s Test Kitchen. Great stuff in there!

    I’ll never be a morning person either, but it ~does~ seem like it was a pretty great morning.

  5. ahh so cute! i want muffins now….

  6. Why is it that we non-morning-people get stuck with morning-people kids? We were camping this weekend and here’s the conversation S and I had at about 6 Saturday morning.
    S: Mama! It’s morning! It’s light out! It’s morning!
    Me: Mph.
    S: Mama! It’s light! (she climbs over to our side of the tent) Mama, it’s light! Why you have that thing on your eyes? (my sleep mask, you see)
    Me: Because it’s light.
    S: Mama, can I get up?

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