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I went to yoga class this evening – back to the non-profit yoga studio now that the community ed class is over for the summer.  It was lovely.  It was supposed to be an hour and fifteen minutes, but it went longer than an hour and a half.  And that’s just fine by me.  The class was taught by what must be the tallest, thinnest yoga instructor out there, but he had a surprisingly vivid way of describing what we were doing, and it really helped – he invoked Axl Rose at one point to explain how we were supposed to move (in an unrelated note, how uncool am I?  So uncool that I had to look up the correct spelling of Axl Rose).

The final relaxation in corpse pose went much longer than I’m used to, but again, this is not a complaint.  My mind drifted pretty quickly and I lost track of what our towering teacher was telling us.  Instead my mind wandered back 2 decades to when I lived in Colorado in elementary through junior high school.  I retraced all my walk to school (both elementary and middle – had to take the bus to junior high).  I remembered all those friends that I’d walk with, laughed to myself at the teasing (“Annie Macaroni” – hard to take insult to that).  And in the back of my mind, there was my first real, unrequited crush.  Ah.  I tried to ignore him and pretend I didn’t care back then, and it seems that even now in my relaxation there was that awareness.  Funny that it doesn’t go away despite the time.  We’re friends on facebook now, he seems to have just as bizarre a sense of humor now as he did then.  But before I could spend much mroe time thinking about it, the instructor started talking again.  Or maybe he never stopped, and it’s just that I started paying attention again.  I’m pretty sure that’s not quite how the relaxation time is supposed to go, but at least I wasn’t snoring like the person a few spots over.  I wonder where my mind will wander to next week.



  1. Wow – you’re Facebook friends with the crush? I confess I’d like to be – I’ve even got a mutual “friend” who suggested I be friends with him – my first crush (he apparently had a crush on me as well -I learned from a 3rd party years later) but I’m too much of a wuss by far…. I miss yoga. I’m hoping maybe I’ll get to the yoga studio a few times this summer. Really.

  2. I love the random places that my mind will wander to when left to its own devices.

    (Incidentally, I just found & friended my first crush on FB last night, too!)

  3. Yoga kind of scares me, but it sounds amazing. Afraid that I will forever injure myself. I am kind of prone that way.

    Finding old friends, boyfriends, crushes, on FB is such a walk down memory lane. Sometimes fun, sometimes bittersweet….

  4. really someone was snoring?? haha that is crazy! i love yoga too, glad you are doing it and enjoying it, it is fun to see where our minds wander!

  5. Tony Smith

    Actually, the corpse pose slows down the wanderings that our mind becomes due to the hectic and chaotic life we are through. After the corpse pose, when we open our eyes, we feel the calmness of mind that is the greatest gift of Yoga. The thought of two decades back that came up to Ann was possible as the present chaotic thought got removed from the mind.

    Tony Smith

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