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the bunny

"our" bunny

"our" bunny

Fighting Windmills asked about the bunny that keeps stopping by our yard – she’s been nesting in our front yard for the past two years and raising her babies in the spring. Even though in general, I hate the bunnies that eat my lilies and garden vegetables, this rabbit has won me over, and I now have a very soft spot for her raising her little ones in the yard.  I was especially looking forward to showing the babies to Zoe.

This year she’s been hanging around quite a bit.  Zoe is thrilled every time she sees the rabbit, she’ll stand a ways back and shout “hello bunny, how are you?” For its part, the rabbit is extremely unafraid of us, and will just hang out in the yard quite near where Zoe is playing. She only runs if we start heading directly for her, and then she only runs a few feet before calmly grabbing another dandelion to eat (that may contribute to my soft spot for her).

Zoe and the bunny, both ignoring each other in this picture

Zoe and the bunny, both ignoring each other in this picture

But though we’ve found a burrow in the front yard and in back in my vegetable garden this year, none of those burrows has ever held any bunnies.  I have to admit to being pleased that no babies ever showed up in my vegetable garden, I have a soft spot for the bunny, but not so soft to want her raising her young on my home grown heirloom tomatoes and tomatillos.  I’ve also noticed recently that she’s been limping and not using her front foot.

not such a lucky foot

favoring her front right foot

Some people consider rabbits to be symbols of fertility and good luck.  It’s a good thing I don’t put much stock in symbols like that.  My lucky fertility symbol has a broken foot, and keeps preparing for babies that never arrive.



  1. How ironic. She is pretty darn cute though. Not as cute as your little Zoe!

  2. Our cats prevent anything fun like bunnies residing in our backyard but we do have a set of Purple Martins that have come back to our house three summers in a row. For some reason Hubby has named them Harry and Lloyd (from Dumb and Dumber).

    It’s nice the bunny and your family have made friends!

  3. Alison S

    Cute bunny. I wish I could trade, apparently the animal living in our yard (actually in our yard, not the park) is a creepy garden snake.

  4. Thank you for the update, Ann!

  5. Eve

    First of all, happy belated b-day!!! I’m turning the big 3-4 in July myself! Ugh…not a fun age when you’re ttc…I know you get it! Anyway, love the bunny pics! We see bunnies everyday on that are all over the bike trail paths we walk. Somehow, their fertility just doesn’t seem to be rubbing off. Drat.

  6. ahh what a cute bunny! it is so small, the ones in my yard are like 10x that size! haha. i never knew bunnies were fertility symbols, i heard that about turtles, have any turtles??

  7. How cute that you have a lil bunny friend! I just recently saw a bunny burrough in my SIL’s yard with 3 teeny tiny babies in there…too cute – though I’m not a huge fan of the critters myself – when they are in someone ELSE’s yard – that always helps!

    As for the limp foot on your bunny friend – perhaps that is the ‘lucky rabbits foot’ but fortunately for this rabbit – she got to KEEP her foot instead of someone using it for a keychain?

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