The Tragic Optimist


In less than 90 minutes, that will be my age. I’ve never been one to complain about aging, and I’m not going to in this post either. Just felt like mentioning it.

I’ll get back to blogging more. I will. I hope. What would you like me to write more about? I’m feeling overwhelmed with topics that seem interesting until I start to write them down.


  1. Happy Birthday Ann!

  2. Happy B-day Ann…I’m a bad friend…I forgot to send a card given we were in Seattle this past weekend. But I’m currently toasting you with the nectar of life…COFFEE! πŸ™‚

  3. Happy birthday!!! Hope you get to do something really spectacular. :^D

  4. Happy Birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  5. Happy birthday!

  6. Mel

    Better to be 34 in 90 minutes than suddenly 90 in 34 minutes, which is how I read it the first time through. Happy birthday!

  7. Thanks for the advice on my HSG! I am excited/anxious/nervous all rolled into one right now!!

    Happy Late Birthday! Hope you had a fabulous day!

  8. Happy belated birthday! I have no ideas for blogging topics – I swear I’m in the same boat. Everything sounds interesting to me until I start to write about it and think – who the heck would care? I’m trying to focus more on being a “diarist” per Mel’s post on the subject. Still – not proving to be easy!

  9. Happy Birthday Ann! Hope it was a great one. As for blogging topics, I don’t know. I know, what good am I. πŸ™‚

  10. geeksinrome

    Happy Birthday, you spring chicken!!

    I’m very partial to cats, rocks, and books so I would love to see you blog some on that!!

  11. Happy Belated Birthday!!


  13. Happy Birthday! Do you have bunnies in your yard this year? I like when you blog about your yard and what things look like where you live, and of course cooking and mothering are favorite topics.

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