The Tragic Optimist

hits a little close to home

Back before I was a librarian, I worked at a software company, spending most of my time there in customer support as a developer, and then supervisor.  When a customer reported a bug, we’d have to fix it, but first, we had to reproduce it.  If we couldn’t reproduce it, we couldn’t fix it, and it probably meant that the problem was not in the code but in the implementation.  We started looking forward to sending our “CNR” – could not reproduce – messages back to customers.  Very easy to close out a bug report that way.

We didn’t start trying to conceive until well after I’d left that job, so I hope I can be forgiven for not seeing the connection between those two, very different parts of my life.  And that’s one of the reasons I love XKCD, for finding a way to make me laugh out loud at the hilariously inappropriate combination of two unrelated times of my life.  (It should also be noted, for those who aren’t familiar with XKCD, that’s where my regular expressions cheat skirt came from, too).

Cant and Shouldnt.




  1. LOL – Geek humor, gotta love it!! My hubby is an enginerd, so I have developed an appreciation myself. 🙂

  2. Too funny!

  3. ahh does this mean you got a BFN! so sorry, hugs! cute comic though

  4. Alicia, no, I’m not at the point yet that I’ll test – if I make it to this weekend with no period, I’ll test then. I just thought this comic was too funny not to share.

  5. I think the comic is funny and LOVE the skirt!

  6. YAY Ann! I love that you changed your blog’s theme. It looks awesome.

    • Thanks, I’d been wanting to play around with this theme for a while. I’m not in love with the background and border colors yet, but I love that I can change them.

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