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update on the Children’s Eye Foundation calendar contest

Zoe looking out over Lake Superior (click to get to the voting page)

Zoe looking out over Lake Superior (click to get to the voting page)

Ok, first thing – you all are awesome! Thank you for all the votes for Zoe in the photo contest. I’ve had a bunch of requests for updates and questions, so here goes:

  • Zoe is in 8th place currently (oops! now 10th – yikes! Vote!).  The top 12 go in the calendar, so it’s looking good.  So far.
  • But… voting runs until June 30, so if you’re up to it and want to keep on voting, please, please do!
  • Yes, you can vote more than once.  You either need to close the browser and open it again, or in Firefox, you can clear your cookies and you should be able to vote again.

The most exciting thing is that when I entered Zoe, there was only one other picture of a kid in glasses.  Most of the pictures had little to do with children’s eye care.  I wrote a post on Little Four Eyes putting out the call for more pictures of kids with vision problems or glasses and now there’s a lot of great pictures that fit the bill.  You can check out my Little Four Eyes post for a list of the 13 (!) pictures from the L4E community.If you’re up for lots of voting, I’d love to get as many of these in the calendar as we can.  It’s my first foray into Internet campaigns.  Today the CEF calendar, tomorrow the world?  Thanks for any votes you send our way!  It’s been really fun to watch her votes go up, and to see all the great (and relevant) new submissions.


  1. CJ

    Go Zoe! Even though my son does not wear glasses (yet, if he takes after mommy), I am touched that you established a community of support for kiddos and their families. I’m off to vote!

  2. Awesome! Go Ann!

  3. yay!! that is soo great that she is going to be in the calendar! so cute 🙂

  4. Well she hasn’t won yet – voting runs another 2 1/2 months. But we’re hoping she hangs in there.

  5. She is adorable! I voted. 🙂

  6. so glad to know i can still vote. that picture is adorable. and i just saw the picture of your wedding dress – BEAUTIFUL. your mom is so talented. i do not have the patience to sit and do that kind of stuff.

    thanks for stopping by again – stay in touch!

  7. Ann, I hope all is well. I am here from the LFCA and thinking of you.

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