The Tragic Optimist

sometimes, there’s nothing more to add

I have the reference shift this afternoon at the library.  Since it’s spring break, we’re just on a pager – people can page us from the reference desk – and we don’t staff the desk from noon – 1pm.

I came back from lunch to find this on the desk (we’ve been having network outages all morning).  It’s so poetic in its simplicity, I felt the need to save it, because sometimes that’s all there is to say:



  1. just to be clear, everything is all good in my life right now, but this sign was too good not to share.

  2. Somtimes the simplest things speak volumes.

  3. I love it . . .

  4. hee hee awesome!

  5. kp

    You could submit this image to

  6. Love it! I heard variations on this theme more than once when working the reference desk.

  7. amy

    this is great, ann. the internal and anonymous escapes! i wonder how this message would have been re-phrased (and with what facial expressions) if a librarian had been at the desk. an interesting prompt for a story, definitely…

  8. НБ (замершая беременность, несостоявшийся выкидыш, missed abortion) означает гибель эмбриона (плода) без клинических признаков выкидыша ]. Причины замершей беременности многочисленны и нередко комплексны.
    Повышены лейкоциты и сигменты в крови беременность.

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