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Quick, shameless request (begging)

Ok, I have a request …  The Children’s Eye Foundation is sponsoring a photo contest for its “I Care for Eyecare” calendar, with the theme “It’s a beautiful thing to see.”  I’ve entered a picture of Zoe, and I’d love if you vote for her picture (it’s titled “Zoe looks out over Lake Superior”).  No registration or anything required.  There are 12 winners selected, and each gets a digital camera, which is cool.  But mostly, I just think that Zoe’s picture fits the theme so much better than most of the submitted pictures.  I mean, yeah, the puppies are cute, but come on!  It’s supposed to be about children’s eye care.

Note, the page is back up.

The picture on the voting page is a little small, so it’s not quite as clear that she’s wearing glasses – and looking at the beautiful world through them.  So here’s a bigger version, so you can see what you’re (I hope) voting for.

Zoe looking out over Lake Superior (click to get to the voting page)

Zoe looking out over Lake Superior (click to get to the voting page)


  1. voted!!! it is a great pic 🙂

  2. Me too. I think it’s a perfect picture! I really don’t get the ducks and dogs etc. Cute but — huh?

  3. elizabeth

    I tried, but the link didn’t work. Is the voting over, already?

  4. I don’t know why the link is no longer working, voting is supposed to run until June. I’m guessing (hoping) the site is just down.

  5. LeAnn

    I just voted today so it should be all good again. I don’t get the majority of pics there, they have nothing to do with eye sight except that they are pretty to look at, I suppose. I voted for cute Zoe all the way!

  6. I just voted! And not just because you asked me to but because Zoe’s picture is by far the best!

  7. geeksinrome

    it is the best shot. and your tally is VERY good. are you in the lead?

  8. I just voted for your adorable little Z and am asking some friends to do the same! Yay Zoe!

  9. Of course I voted for her. She is the cutest one on there. Thank you Darcie for letting me know about this.

  10. Thanks you guys are awesome!! Zoe’s still in the top 12, which is all that matters for getting into the calendar. Plus, a bunch of parents of kids in glasses have entered pictures of their kids, too. So now the calendar will likely have more pictures of kids than of flowers or puppies!

    Of course, the voting runs until June 30, so I will not turn down more votes in the next few months.

  11. Did you know that you can go back and vote once per day? Or so it seems! I’ve been doing that and it’s been working!!

  12. You’re the best, Darcie. Yep. Actually you can vote as often as you close your browser and open it up again. Or if you’re on Firefox, as often as you clear your cookies and refresh the page. Just sayin’…

  13. momerabilia

    I gave Zoe a vote too. It’s a fabulous picture. I hope you don’t mind, but I had to submit a picture of Kate too! I think it’s such a great idea. 🙂

  14. Thanks! I’m glad you submitted a picture of Kate – the more kids in the competition, the better. Is the picture up for voting? I’m keeping track of all the kids from little four eyes that are in the competition on the little four eyes site, let me know which one is her picture and I’ll post it there.

  15. S

    I voted for the photo. Zoe is very cute.

    I wanted to share that I used to volunteer with a little girl in foster care who wore glasses to treat/correct severe strabismus. It worked for her, and she never had to have surgery. . . . though she was still wearing glasses when I last saw her at around age 4.

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