The Tragic Optimist


People ask what’s been up with us, and I’m at a loss lately to say anything.  I think it’s partly due to watching so many friends go through so much recently.  I have friends in real life and in the blog world that have just found out their pregnant, while other friends are mourning losses or other bad news.  My grandma is in the hospital due to a couple of falls.  No breaks, thank goodness, but it’s still no fun for anyone.  A couple of weeks ago, I helped throw a baby shower for a friend, and then this week we learn that her husband has been diagnosed with a a hereditary neurological degenerative condition.  The enormity of what they are facing just keeps hitting me.

So when someone asks how we’re doing, I have no answer.  We’re fine.  Half of my friends seem to be experiencing wonderful new beginnings, and the others are dealing with awful situations.

Oh, this post is just turning out whiny, so I’m going to stop now.  But I’m going to publish because I’ve been writing too much and not publishing and that needs to end.



  1. ohh Ann hugs! That is so hard. sending prayers to your friends going through these hard times.

  2. I am so sorry – it is overwhelming to have so much going on around you and so little control over it all. Hugs to you . . .

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