The Tragic Optimist

baking with Zoe

these made me twitch

pan of make-Ann-twitch cookies

Ok, not wanting to go to bed with just that last post, I felt the need to share something a bit happier.  I’ve been doing a lot of baking with Zoe, recently.  We’d done some around Christmas time, but that’s when I learned something about myself.  I’m a perfectionist.  Well, actually, I was well aware of that already, but I thought that I was the type that could set aside the perfectionist when need  be.  But watching Zoe try to cut out cookies was torture.  I would twitch trying to keep myself from grabbing her when she would inevitably fold a cookie in half or not cut the shapes out just right.  So I thought that maybe baking with Zoe wouldn’t be an activity that we both could enjoy for a while.


Zoe making brioche dough

But I decided to try it again a few weeks ago, but this time baking muffins, which didn’t need to be shaped or rolled or cut.  Success!  We had a ton of fun and ended up with muffins.  So then I tried bread.  The Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day recipes just require that you mix some ingredients together, and then the next day shape them into a rough approximation of a loaf.  More success.  More fun!  More baked goods.  Less success on the losing weight thing, but with yummy muffins and fresh bread, who cares?  Then I tried pizza, which required rolling, and which had previously made me twitchy when I watched Zoe try rolling (there is no asking her to not help with something), and I learned that if I just let her roll it out until she tires herself out, she’ll let me finish it up and everyone’s happy.

Measuring out ingredients with Zoe does point out a need for us to work a bit more on our numbers.

Me: Ok, we have to measure out 7 cups of flour, can you count with me?

Zoe: Yeah!

Me: [scooping one cup] All right, one…

Zoe: …two

Me:  Oops, not two yet honey, we’ve only measured one cup so far. [scooping the second cup]

Zoe: …three

Me: Right, three does come after two, but we’ve only got two cups in there now.

Zoe:  seven … eight … nine … four … seven … two!

Me:  Ok, now you’re just messing with me

And finally, I leave you with a final video showing you why I cannot stop baking with this girl.



  1. geeksinrome

    what a crack up!! i love how she saw that cookie and the dough-rolling project was OVER! her glasses are great!

  2. Alison

    That’s adorable. Kaylee and I had made a few batches of cookies together. She got the idea of stirring, and of putting dough on the sheet, but the rest was me trying to get her not to eat the whole bowl of cookie dough. 🙂

  3. LOL. that’s just excellent. Quite the character is she 🙂

  4. My son’s comment is, “she sure is a funny girl.” We enjoyed watching your video! I like when it looks like she’s about to put her head on the soft pillow of dough.

  5. ahh too cute! looks like you are havnig a blast together!

  6. ohhh and i got your package!!!!!!!!! you are too freakin awesome you know that!!!! so so so love the onsies and the burts bees is the bees knees! oh I am so lame.

    thanks sweetie, thank you card will be sent….hopefully before Twinkle arives! haha

  7. She is a lucky girl to have such a patient mom!

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