The Tragic Optimist

Zoe’s rules

zoerulesZoe has started to understand rules recently.  We don’t have too many with her that we need to enforce – no biting, no hitting, no feet on books…  So now she has begun to tell me the rules that I need to follow. So far, there are only 2, and they’re always delivered with dead seriousness – she looks me straight in the eye, and very earnestly tells them to me:

  1. No pick the nose, mama.
  2. No eating the poop, mama.  That’s icky.

Indeed.  Rules to live by.  The second one has led to us starting a new game of “do we eat it?”  Which is way more fun than I would have expected, it goes something like this:

Me:  Do we eat sausage?  Zoe:  Yeah!

Me:  Do we eat plates?  Zoe:  No!   That’s icky!

Me:  Do we eat broccoli?  Zoe:  Yeah!

Me: Do we eat rice?  Zoe: Yeah!

Me: Do we eat oranges?  Zoe: Yeah!

Me: Do we eat the cats?  Zoe:  Noooo!  No eat the cats mama!  That’s icky!



  1. That’s a good girl you’ve got there.

  2. hah shes so smart! are those new glasses!!! I love them!

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