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ode to yoga

Despite the wonderful beginning, Tuesday ended with me being terribly “sensitive” (that’s the word they use at daycare for “throws a tantrum at slightest provocation”), mostly due to a fight with Zoe at daycare about whether or not she should wear her jacket (it’s Minnesota, there was no question of compromise).  So Wednesday, Chris emailed me and asked if I wanted to try out a yoga class that evening.  Yes!  I did.  Did I mention that Chris pretty much rocks my world?

It was a great class, though I don’t know if I’ll have time to go every week.  Perfect pacing and just hard enough to keep me really working, but not so hard that I start wondering how much longer I have to endure.  Plus, the place, One Yoga, is a non-profit yoga studio, and has a sliding scale fee.  While we’re fortunate enough to be able to pay the full fee (which is no higher than any other studio around), I like knowing that other people are more likely to be able to take the class, even if they’re not making as much money.

It got me thinking of all the reasons why I love yoga so much.  I am not an athletic person, and never have been.  I am not fast or strong, and don’t have great endurance, but for some reason, yoga works for me, and it’s one of the few times that I feel at peace physically in my own skin.  Nevermind how relaxed and stretched and worked I feel afterwards.  It’s where I feel like my body works with me.  Where I’ve achieved something like balance.  When I lost weight a few years back, I noticed it first in yoga class, because I noticed I was moving differently and hitting poses differently.  When we were struggling with infertility, it was one of the few places that I felt like I was working with my body, rather than battling it.  I felt like I knew what was going on with my body, like I had some semblance of control.   Wednesday night’s class was similar.  It’s been more than 6 months since my last yoga class, but it felt so familiar and comforting and relaxing and kind of difficult.  But my body and I, we worked together and had a great session.  I slept well that night.  I am still sore two days later.

I start my regular yoga class on Monday.  I can’t wait.



  1. William

    That sounds nice — I’ve never tried yoga before, but since I’ve been pretty sloth-like the past few months, it’s time for something to get through the rest of winter. Best of continued success with the exercise & loss program!

  2. You’ve explained your experience well. I’ve never thought of it that way, but you are so right.


  3. That sounds so wonderful!

    I saw a spread in some gossip mag about Suri Cruise and how Tom & Katie never make her wear a coat. There were all these pics of Suri in short sleeves with a blurb of what the temp was that day. You could always see the respective parent in the background carrying her coat. I thought to myself then, “The editor of this magazine has clearly does not know how impossible it is to make a toddler wear a coat when they don’t want to.”

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