The Tragic Optimist

loser post number 2

I’m a bit late posting this.  This week’s weigh in had me down 3.3 pounds, or just over 2%.  That’s what I wanted, though I know that some of the weight is due to the fact that it wasn’t bitterly cold that day, so I wasn’t wearing quite as much bulk.  Bill asked in the comments about what I was doing exercise-wise to lose the weight – and that’s part of the problem.  Last time I lost weight, I did yoga and a lot of walking.  But I worked downtown Minneapolis where we have an extensive skyway system that lets you walk 4 miles without retracing your steps, which is awesome in the winter.  I start yoga next week.  I hope the weather warms up enough to entice me to get out and walk.  Otherwise, I’m focusing on portion control and not snacking too much.



  1. ohh the snacking part is sooo hard! I eat when I am bored, so really I eat a lot! haha, good luck with all this though!

  2. Congrats on the weight loss! Good luck with yoga next week!

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