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towards resolutions resolution

Today work announced that they’re running a “biggest loser” kind of contest.  Everyone throws in $20, there are weekly weigh-ins and the top three people who have lost the largest percentage of body weight on April 6 win a percentage of the money.  The rest goes to the local food shelf.  I think I’m going to enter.  Not that I have any illusions of winning – I’m only looking to lose about 10%, but when I lost weight on Weight Watchers a few years ago, I think some of what worked for me was having weekly weigh-ins where someone else was watching, and the fact that I had money invested in it.  I don’t want this to turn into a weight loss blog, but I do plan on posting weigh-in numbers because I want the extra accountability, and public shame is a strong motivator for me, oh, and the support.  I want support, too.

I also signed up for an evening yoga class with a coworker.  Yay yoga!  Oh, and we’re (ok, mostly this is all Chris) experimenting with our new crock pot to have warm, home-made dinners.  So far we’ve had mulligatawny and a Caribbean pepper pot soup, both of which were really good, and decently healthy, and made from non-prepackaged food.  Yay soup!



  1. They do a thing like that where I work every now and again. There is a strong motivation about having a weigh in and your weight documented. In our contest, the winner got all of the money. I will have to put a bug in their ear about donating a portion of the money this year. Excellent idea!

    Have you ever done yoga before? I joined the YMCA with intentions of attending their yoga class and, well, a year has gone by now and I haven’t been to one of them. I’m not very coordinated and am afraid it would be too difficult. And embarassing.

    I vaguely remember life before my crock pot . . .

  2. We had a crock pot before, but it was actually an enormous pain to use, since it didn’t have a timer and we were away longer than the recipes called for. It was only feasible to use if we were going to be home all day anyway. My parents got us a new one for Christmas. Ann already had a vegetarian crockpot cookbook, so I’ve been working my way through that.

  3. You’re going to share the mulligatawney recipe, right?

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