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bread experimentation

raisin breakfast buns

raisin breakfast buns

This morning, I was craving a breakfast bread of some sort.  Since I had some light whole wheat dough in the fridge (from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day, as always), I figured I’d try something new.  I mixed some raisins, cinnamon, and cardamom with a little water and heated it in the microwave to plump up the raisins.  Then I pulled off a small, apple-sized ball of dough, shaped it into a round, and put the raisin mix in the middle and wrapped the dough around it.  Then I painted a little water on top and sprinkled them with sugar.

They came out of the oven looking pretty, but were a bit bigger than I had planned for.  I was thinking we’d each get one, but instead, one was enough for Zoe and I to share.  I didn’t score the top of the buns, either, and I was surprised that the raisins kind of broke through and peaked out of the top.


inside filling isn't even, but it's tasty

On the inside, there wasn’t as much raisins as I wanted, and they weren’t spread throughout the bread terribly evenly, but I was going for quick and easy, I think I could have done more working of the dough if I’d wanted to get the raisin mixture spread out better, but sometimes quick wins.  I love the top sugar crust, I think I could even have used a little more sugar.

So, experiment: successful!  There’s still one left for breakfast tomorrow and I’d definitely do this bread again.  Though probably not with this batch of dough.  The dough that’s left in the fridge will probably end up as pizza some time soon.


one last picture because I still love my kitchen and feel like showing it off a bit (otherwise know as, hey, the kitchen almost looks clean in this picture!)



  1. mmmm….yummy….I think I will demand that Doug make some of this soon (since he’s the resident breadmaker!) 🙂

  2. They look delicious! I would be loving the sugar crust too.

  3. Yum!! I have made some pretty mean cinnamon rolls in the past, but have never tried any other type of bread. I have never had that kind of confidence in myself but I guess I’ll never learn if I never try. My pizza crust has been pretty good lately – maybe I am ready for a new challenge.

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