The Tragic Optimist

Hold on there missy!

Zoe was not in a cooperative mood this morning. I wanted her to wear a sweater over the t-shirt she chose (“Here comes trouble!” I really should have seen this coming just from the shirt alone, alas…), she said “no shirt! bye bye shirt!” I wanted her to put on her coat before going out, she disagreed. We compromised on the sweater since I knew it would be warm at daycare. No compromise on the coat, it was a balmy 15 degrees fahrenheit (-10 celsius) out, so we did a bit of wrestling to get the coat on. Still, the worst was yet to come. As we headed out the door, I picked up my travel mug, “no mommy coffee, no mommy coffee!” yells Zoe. Whoa there Nellie! We can negotiate on the clothing, but you do NOT want to deal with mommie without her morning coffee.



  1. Hooray for appropriately-labeled children! (There is another of those shirts, by the way, in a 3T, which is at this point pretty much too small for S.)

    But Zoe… do not mess with the coffee. That’s just not an option.

  2. haha! so cute!

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