The Tragic Optimist

note to self

No matter how good that free-range, organic, rotisserie chicken that Chris brought home smells.  No matter how you justify it to your vegetarian self that it’s not really eating the chicken.  No matter how hungry you are.  Your stomach will NOT thank you – not that evening, not the next morning – if you eat all the skin off the chicken.



  1. I think my meat-eating stomach would not thank me for eating all the skin off of the chicken!

    Mmmm…. tasty, though.

  2. David

    On the other hand, your stomach celebrates when you eat all the feet off the chicken.

  3. life as a vegetarian can be sooo hard! I gave up on trying not to eat chicken when I got PG, baby only wanted chicken!

  4. LOL…that’s one of my favorite things to eat – Doug brings home one of those rotisserie things from WF and i go at the skin like a crazed person.

    On the other hand, when I first started eating beef, no matter how much I enjoyed it at the time, my stomach made me pay for a couple of days after so I can definitely relate! Hope the stomach feels better soon!

  5. LeAnn

    I had to read this after I got home from the meeting today…you’re too funny! First it was bacon covered in chocolate and now chicken skin. I just love the you tried to justify that eating the skin was not eating the chicken, too. 🙂

  6. You did not eat all the skin off the chicken. You ate like half of the breast skin.

  7. Why is it the worst things for you always taste the best? It defies logic

  8. You ate all the skin, but not the meat? Ain’t that a waste of perfectly good, moist, succulent, tender, . . . mmm. It’ll be KFC for lunch today.

  9. It was really tasty… And no fears, Bullgrit, Chris and Zoe were happy to enjoy the meat that I left behind. None was wasted.

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