The Tragic Optimist

lament of the only vegetarian in the house at breakfast time

“No thank you, honey, I don’t want your bacon, that’s very sweet, though.  No, please, don’t feed momma your bacon.   Try feeding it to daddy.   Look, daddy wants your bacon.  No.  Ugh!  Please stop rubbing you bacon all over mommy!”

(on the plus side, since Chris made bacon this morning, I was able to cook my veggie sausages in bacon grease.  Mmm, even vegetarian food is better with bacon grease.)



  1. Are you kidding?!?! I’m from Oklahoma and there isn’t much we DON’T fry in bacon grease.

    One one hand that is very sad. On the other hand, being a nurse at a cardiovascular hospital, I’ll always have a job.

    But, seriously. We do love our bacon grease here.

  2. Ha! Love it.

  3. elizabeth

    I’m curious, as a fellow vegetarian married to a meat eater, how did you decide whether Zoe would be a meat eater? Did you leave it up to her?

  4. Mmmmm….Bacon…. 🙂 There are two things that make EVERYTHING better: Bacon, and Deep-frying!

  5. Hmm…that must be interesting, being the only vegetarian in the house…I’m curious about what same thing Elizabeth questioned too. : )

  6. We figured it would be easier to have Zoe be a non-vegetarian when she was younger, for a number of reasons. She doesn’t care much for meat though (except for chicken) and I wouldn’t be too surprised if she ended up going the veggie route. We’ll let her make up her mind when she’s older. Either way, a significant portion of home meals are going to be veggie, because Ann’s eating them too.

  7. haha!! that is soo funny! i also sneak cooking in the bacon greese too, I used to feel bad, but who cares!! its just grease 🙂

  8. Bacon grease should be at the base of the food pyramid, so everything above it sits in it. Then put the whole thing over some heat. . .

    I’ve just found your site (on timethief’s blog reviews at Blog Catalog), and I like it.

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