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from the wonderful blog cakewrecks - click the photo to get to the blog entry

from the always wonderful Cake Wrecks blog - click the photo to get to the blog

Hey!  Did you guys know there’s an election today?  I know, who knew?  It’s like I never heard anything about it.  But seriously, if you can, and you haven’t already yet, you better get your butt out and vote today.  (Umm, no I haven’t voted yet, but I’m heading to the polls immediately after work.)

While the presidential part of the election gets the most attention by far, I want to encourage everyone to take the down ballot races seriously, too.  If you’re in MN, check out the Star Tribune’s My Vote page, that will give you all the races on your ballot, with links to profiles of all the candidates, including links to their own pages.  If you’re elsewhere, you can use the Google votes page to look up polling information.  It should include a link to your State’s election web site, which usually has information on all the races you’ll see on the ballot.  Happy voting!

If you’re not in the US, or not a US citizen, I apologize.  You’re probably so freakin’ sick and tired of hearing about this election here (I know I am).  It will be over soon.  Thank goodness.


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  1. Thanks for the reminder! 😉

    I’m hoping to dig into a slice of delicious cake tomorrow when I’m celebrating the candidates of my choice victories.

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