The Tragic Optimist

not quite a failure

Chris and I have a very simple set of criteria for whether a cooking experiment (whether or not it was meant to be an experiment) is a success.

  1. the food is edible enough that you didn’t have to cook something else for your meal
  2. you learned something from the experiment
our experiment this evening

our - er, my - experiment this evening

I meant to make pizza this evening.  Something I’ve done plenty of times before.  But the dough was stickier than normal, and when I tried to do my patented wrist flick to get the pizza off the peel and onto the stone.  Nothing.  Well, nothing except a big pile of uncooked pizzaness.  Chris recommended that I fold it in half and make a calzone instead, which sounded better than cleaning green pepper-onion-cheese melt from the pizza stone.  And, it wasn’t a failure, per se.  We didn’t make anything else for dinner.  But no one went for seconds, and we didn’t save any of the left over calzone for leftovers.  But, I did learn that I should be more careful when the dough feels wet.  And that a folded in half pizza does not a good calzone make.


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  1. haha! still looks yummy to me!

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