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well that took a little while

So that guest post that I was talking about being stuck on, oh, way back in August?  Done! It seems a little silly in retrospect to have taken so long, but I really did agonize over writing this.  Not that I spent all of my time over the last 2 months writing this, but it is just a little ridiculous to write so slowly.  I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out, though.  I was trying to go for relatively easy to read, a dash of humor, and not too much whining, while still acknowledging that visual development is an important thing.

And then, just as I was finishing it, I ended up getting myself all stuck again in how to write the silly two-line bio at the end.   Never mind the question of just how much of my identity I wanted to reveal, I just couldn’t figure out how to describe myself in a quick easy sentence.  Do I write that “Ann is a librarian?”  “Ann is a mother?”  “Ann is a wife and mother?”  “When not at work as a librarian, Ann is home with her husband and daughter?”  “Ann likes quiet walks in the park, and evenings spent in front of a roaring fire and her laptop (as long as it’s not the laptop that’s on fire)?”  I finally decided to just leave all that out entirely and settled on:  “Ann runs the blog Little Four Eyes for parents of young kids in glasses, and keeps her own blog at Tragic Optimist.

This is something that I run into especially with all these social networks and online discussion forums where you’re supposed to make a profile that sums up who you are succinctly, and preferably with a dash of humility and wit.  Bah!  Bah, I tell you!  “Ann is a person who is unable to come up with succinct and witty descriptions of herself.  But she freakin’ kicks ass at being humble!”



  1. It was a great post. Even better because I found your blog because of it. You are also so right, bio bits are hard. Especially with the Minnesota you can’t toot your own horn too much or you’re bragging stuff thrown in.

  2. Great article in the Strib. Congrats on getting finished. It looks like you’ve gotten a good response already too.

  3. great job!!! it was funny, but informative!! way to go! and love the pics of course 🙂

  4. Andie

    I’ve been barely around in the blog world lately, and somehow lost your tragic optimist site … but have found it again, and would like to add it to my blogroll! (please let me know if you don’t want me to).

    Congrats on getting your post done!

  5. You did a fantastic job with the guest post, Ann!

  6. Congrats on your guest post!

    And I think you found the perfect bio in the last sentence of this post!

  7. Kay

    Ann you did a great job and are a wonderful resource for parents with questions about their kids eyes. Thank you for writing your post and sharing it with all of the Cribsheet readers.

    I know what you mean about writing brief bios or profiles of yourself. It seems when you are a new parent every day is like. Okay, who am I now? Who am I today?

    May and I both agonized over our bios which had been terribly outdated. I had to update mine after Vivian was born and I put it off for weeks cause I just didn’t know what to say.

    We had talked about this bio/identity crisis being blog post worthy – thank you for the reminder!

  8. Hey Ann-Love your blog!
    sorry we had to miss Zoe’s party-hope to see you guys soon!
    -yer naybuh

  9. wow, thanks everyone! I’m glad I’m not the only one with the bio/identity issues.

  10. May

    Hi Ann, echoing Kay’s gratitude for your Cribsheet entry…

    Bios are awful things. You write one and then you want to tweak it immediately.

    I’ve often been tempted to change my bio to “the weird foreigner half of Cribsheet.”


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